Caroline 1 Abandonment

Project summary

Well plug, abandonment and remediation program.

Service categories

  • Well engineering & operations
  • Decommissioning
  • Project delivery

Project overview

We were engaged to design and execute a plug, abandonment and remediation program on the decommissioned Caroline 1 carbon dioxide well on behalf of the owner and operator Air Liquide Australia.

Wellsafe services

This program included the complete engineering design and project execution of a compliant plug, abandonment and remediation program. We sourced and engaged several sub-contractors to deliver the program, providing continual in-field supervision supported by remote engineering advice and instruction.

The high-level work program included:

  • Setting a bridge plug in the packer at 2,470m.
  • Cut and removing the 2-3/8″ production tubing from 2,383m-surface and setting a cement plug in the 5-1/2″ casing from 2,383–2,302m.
  • Removing the 5-1/2″ casing from 976m-surface and
  • setting a cement plug across the 9-5/8″ casing shoe from 975–925m.
  • Setting a cement plug across the 13-3/8″ casing shoe from 250–200m.

Under our supervision, this process was carried out by TDC Drilling (rig contractor), Kinetic Well Intervention Services (wireline contractor) and Superior Cementing (cementing contractor). All parties worked cohesively and efficiently over the course of the project.

A thorough icebreaker was held prior to rigging up on site. Daily safety meetings and additional meetings held prior to any unusual tasks ensured safe practices were used throughout the project. Extra care was also taken by continual monitoring of gas and radioactivity levels.

Performance outcome

The main highlights across the plug and abandonment of Caroline 1 were:

  • Early identification of potential HSE issues allowed for proactive management to ensure that there were no incidents recorded.
  • The inherent challenges posed by the age and service of the well were overcome by the extensive experience of our team and their pragmatic methods of problem solving.
  • Technically, the operation was a success with all cement plugs successfully installed to the satisfaction of regulator and client.
  • Multiple contractors involved in the operation on site were managed effectively under our supervision to deliver a seamless result.

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